UX design courses for UI Designers

Lots of UI designers completed our courses and became better designers by upskilling themselves in UX.

You'll understand how to speak the same language with both business stakeholders and developers, how to make your user interface not only pretty but useful, how to to test your designs with usability testing and A/B testing in order to make facts-based decisions to achieve better design for end-users.

And of course you'll learn how to always be designing with technical feasibility in mind (it's the last thing we want is to design something that can't actually be implemented).

Our 4-day courses will be the best option for you. These repeat regularly, and you can take 2 or 3 days out of the 4-day course in one month, then remaining days in another month. Alternatively, there's a 4-week evening course option.

Courses we recommend for UI Designers