Service Design essentials workshop

1 Mar 2021, 13:00–18:00 (UK)
Remote via live video
£159–£199 + tax

What's on

An interactive hands-on workshop on service design run by an experienced designer. You'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to use service design in your company: from its core principles, visual thinking and research techniques, to alignment diagrams and creating personas, mapping customer journey and Business Model Canvas, plus much more.

Who runs it

The School of UX speaker Roman Schöneboom

Roman Schöneboom – UX Design Systems Lead at Credit Suisse, previously leading Service Design at Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco and UK Ministry of Justice. A certified facilitator for LEGO Serious Play. The companies Roman worked with

What we'll cover

Service Design is a collaborative discipline, where we think on our feet. This will be a safe environment without judgement, where you can get your hands on Service Design techniques. In this Essentials course we will: Show moreShow less

  • use Visual Thinking
    a warm-up with scribbles and drawings to set the tone of the day and get to know each other
  • cover Service Design basics
    why is it a mind-set, a process, a tool-set, a cross-disciplinary language and a management process
  • review Service Design vocabulary
    human-centric, collaborative, iterative, sequential, real and holistic
  • learn about the importance of research
    qualitative / quantitative data, challenging assumptions, market vs insight research, research methods and examples, rules of thumb
  • learn about the importance of mapping
    how to analyse data and build a map, type of maps, why are we mapping?, benefits of mapping
  • learn about the importance of having a persona
    what is a persona?, putting it into context with a video, reviewing an example from previous course, form groups and start building a persona
  • doing a “Service Safari”
    experiencing a journey by yourself
  • creating a Customer Journey Map
    displaying the experience with the help of a template
  • identifying pain points and opportunities to solve them
    reviewing the experience and what impact it has on the loyalty
  • creating a Business Model Canvas
    taking your opportunity and reviewing it from the business side of who to get involved, How to motivate your staff, etc.
  • presenting your work to the other groups
  • leaving the course with a little surprise
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What's included

Live video & real-time interaction when remote
Hands-on exercises
individual & group
Signed certificate
upon completion
Handouts & slides
printed & digital
Q&A session
with experienced designer
Books & tools recommendations
Career advice
portfolio & job tips
One-to-one mentoring
(bookable separately)

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