The School of UX compared to Udemy, Google, Coursera and other online UX courses

Choosing between UX design courses at The School of UX and online learning platforms? Any education is great! It’s up to you to pick the right one for you.

Video recordings don’t always cut it – live courses are often more effective

How many times you’ve bought a video course and never got around to actually watching it? Exactly!

You get live QnA with a professional designer – we're always there to help you

You can ask us your questions at any time, plus each class has dedicated times for additional questions, plus you can always book for our private mentoring sessions.

We do hands-on exercises – so you practice what you've learnt right in the class in case you need help

And our tutors will be right next to you if you need any help when you work on these.

We make networking easier for you – trust us, it definitely helps in your career

So you can make new connections with other fellow designers (including creative directors who may have job opportunities for you) at our courses and conferences.

We don’t jump straight into tools – we teach you solid fundamentals for you to create design that lasts

We can give you all the carpentry tools in the world, you won’t necessarily be able to build a table from scratch. As firstly you must know the design fundamentals, principles and processes before you start using the tool and design a product. The same with digital design. We do 50% theory and 50% practice at our courses.