Prototyping responsive UI in HTML & CSS for Designers workshop

16 Mar 2023, 13:00–18:00 (UK)
Remote via live video
1,458 SR

What's on

Learn to prototype UI using HTML and CSS 👩🏽‍💻 (with no previous coding experience – seriously!). You'll be working on a project from scratch with a lot of practice – designing a mobile-first responsive website, tweaking it in browser and publishing it to your own web hosting.

No doubt Figma is great – but it can be limiting when you want to prototype something a little bit more advanced 😬. You don't have to wait for a developer to free up to help you play around with your new bespoke UI ideas – you can just mock these up in browser yourself.

The last thing you want is to design something that cannot be technically implemented, and waste your team's time and budget. It's super-useful for every designer to understand how feasible it is to code your mockups, and speak the same language with software developers – win-win for everyone ✌️.

💬 The workshop is run remotely via live video with live instructors (not recordings) – you'll be able to ask questions and we'll provide feedback on your work in real-time. 

    Who runs it

    The School of UX speaker Sergei Golubev

    Sergei from Estonia 🇪🇪 – UX designer & entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience working with Microsoft, Heathrow and British Gas. Organiser of TheUXConf. The companies Sergei worked with

    What our students say

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    As a graphic designer I wanted to gain more of an insight into the world of UX/UI design and I was definitely given the knowledge and tools to be able to apply them into my day to day role.


    I took this course as a content designer wanting to learn more about UI and UX. Most other courses don't offer certificates but this one did. So it's great to have actual evidence to place on my CV, LinkedIn and online portfolio.


    This was a fantastic week of learning. Each tutor was incredibly helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to start a career in UX and or UI.


    I did the UX writing course and it was exactly what I needed. I'm looking forward to finishing the UX/UI cycle with the school of ux and upping this to a 5-star review.


    What we'll cover

    Essential in-browser prototyping skills for web & mobile – to design products, which can be implemented efficiently, and speak the same language with developers. You'll create a mobile-first responsive website of your portfolio in just under 5 hours. Show moreShow less

    • introduction into in-browser prototyping for designers
      understanding fundamentals of web design and web page structure (no previous coding experience required!)
    • HTML foundations
      learning basic tags, structuring content and basic layout
    • CSS foundations
      how to style components, embed fonts and create enhanced layout + transitions
    • creating responsive layout
      making redesign universal and work on different screen sizes
    • inspecting websites in-browser
      running QA on live websites, testing on mobile
    • publishing your prototype to GitHub
      to your own web hosting space
    • how to collaborate with software developers
      making sure design is implemented to the highest standard by speaking the same language with software developers
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    What's included

    ✋🏽 Live video & real-time interaction (when remote)
    💻 Hands-on exercises
    individual & group
    📑 Handouts & slides
    for you to download
    🎙️ Q&A session
    with experienced designer
    📖 Books & tools recommendations
    💬 Private Slack group
    for networking & jobs
    💰 Personalised career advice
    (with selected ticket option)

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    Complete beginners, graphic / UX / UI designers, developers, PMs, BAs, marketers. From big companies and startups to independent freelancers  👉🏼 read student reviews

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