What our students say

We’ve had a pleasure of helping 1000+ people to learn UX design: from complete beginners and students to graphic, UX and UI designers as well as Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Great design tips and ideas. Tutor has wide & great experience in the field of UI & UX. A real expert.
Photo of The School of UX student Katherine
Agile Coach & Product Owner / Manager
I came for the course from Berlin, because I couldn't find anything really interesting about UX Design in a good price here. These 3 hours helped me a lot. Thanks!
Photo of The School of UX student Agnieszka
SEO Manager
I learned a lot. I have attended a lot of full-day design training courses which are too high-level and practical details about UX are not discussed. After only 30 mins of your course, I was able to apply it to my job straightaway.
Photo of The School of UX student Nikita
Software Developer
The School of UX sessions have really helped me to understand more about what UX is and isn't and also how it fits in with the whole life cycle of building products. The case studies and examples discussed in the classes really helped to get an understanding of how these principles can be applied to real world projects. I'd highly recommend these courses to anyone with an interest in learning more about UX!
Photo of The School of UX student Pete
Web Developer
Very spot-on and practical- amazing value for money! I thought the pace of the course was excellent, your slides/presentation was on point and Sergei's presentation skills were great. You could see lots of passion/attention to detail added to the course and its stated outcomes. I came away informed and challenged. Thank you.
Photo of The School of UX student Dimitri
Product Manager
Perfect point-of-entry to UX. Serguei has setup a simple, clear and straight-forward course that helps to untangle the UX myths and complex components.
Photo of The School of UX student Stephanie
UX/UI Designer
I am impressed for such a good course on a very affordable price. Amazing.
Photo of The School of UX student Hasan
Senior UX Designer
The courses were great and very helpful.
Photo of The School of UX student Malcolm
Creative Director
1. Easy to digest information (with little/no prior knowledge of the subjects) 2. The videos enabled me to pause allowing me to take notes, I had my notebook and pen jotting details :) 3. Nice up to date examples to support slides (at times amusing too i.e. Ratatouille) 4. Good quotes from other sources and individuals (past and present) 5. Showcased a good selection of book... one thought I had was, perhaps a flashing or static icon of a book to highlight a recommended reading... that way each time there is a book to shout about, one knows, 'Ah, I'll better jot that down'... that's me anyway as a fresh learner in this field!
Photo of The School of UX student Connor
Design Team Leader
I love the videos. They’re informative and easy to follow.
Photo of The School of UX student Amy
Senior Digital Designer
Nicely done, it was quite informative and detailed bird's eye view of the industry as well as the practice.
Photo of The School of UX student Debai
User Experience Designer
Thank you for great class... It gave me good idea about UX career and I know now that is what I want.
Photo of The School of UX student Jasmina
Art Editor | Graphics Design, UX UI, Professional
I attended all three courses you did about UX and UI in Canada Water during summer holidays. Thanks, it was really helpful and full of information!
Photo of The School of UX student Kasia
Parent Gym coach
School of UX is one of the few places in London offering a complete syllabus around UX/UI design. It is also the ONLY place I found mentorship from a seasoned professional. Over the past six months, I've gotten to known Sergei, the organizer, through his courses, workshops and conference. He has worked in many reputable companies, across industries and roles, and has much to offer. One of the growing pains of junior designers is choosing the right career path in an all-encompassing UX domain. That's why I recently took his mentorship programme to save myself years down the line. His career advice is absolutely priceless! As a UX practitioner, you must always be learning. Give his courses a try. You will not regret it.
Photo of The School of UX student Scott
UX Designer
Highly recommend for UI/UX designer, You either can choose the course you need or you can have one to one section with senior UI/UX designer to give you some personal advice for your career or work which is amazingly helpful.
Photo of The School of UX student Xinyi
Visual Designer
Great info, thanks a lot Sergei for the presentation & the tips!
Photo of The School of UX student Pepa
Front-end Developer
I was very impressed by this course. The honest, clear and insightful instruction from the teacher together with an inclusive questions and answers approach that opened up discussions in the class was inspirational. Learning from other people who were obviously in different sectors of the industry and wanting to learn more about breaking into UX or building on their existing experience was a lot of fun. I would recommend this course if you are looking to learn more about the discovery, design and build - beginning to end processs - from a seasoned User Centered Design Consultant.
Photo of The School of UX student Brian
Digital Product Designer
Sergei was brilliant. On the money, with good real and practical examples and tons of resources.
Photo of The School of UX student Elias
Business Owner
I found them really clear and detailed and never boring. I have a web and graphic design background and your courses helped to understand this new specialization and how to start.
Web and Graphics Designer
Sergei is clearly very knowledgeable and gave an awesome presentation about UX that has made me really excited about the field. Seriously interesting stuff and I'll be taking it forward in my career for sure.
The course was really helpful in understanding the different areas of UX and the design process as a whole - it's definitely reassured me that it's the career I'd like to do and what skills are needed!
Photo of The School of UX student Laura
Digital Optimisation and Design Lead