Visual Storytelling & Sketching course

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What's on

A short, practical & affordable weekend course on sketching and visual storytelling.  In this interactive workshop you'll learn how to visualise your ideas, including sketching for:

  • storyboarding user journeys
  • pitching to stakeholders
  • designing mockups for your app or website

We will take you through the different ways you can articulate your ideas through storytelling – turning often complex messages in pitches and campaigns into simple visual narratives in an easy to understand, memorable way, to truly engage an audience and ensure our brand is more memorable and unique.

We will show how you can come up with better ideas more quickly, using these key messages in pictures to share useful content and add Return on Engagement to the mix, which follows the always needed ROI.

    Who runs it

    The School of UX speaker Natalia Talkowska

    This course is run by a professional illustrator Natalia Talkowska who runs her own creative agency specialising in visual communication working with global brands and government. She is also founder of Doodleledo – creative social events for anyone that says 'I can't draw!' run in 20 countries around the world.

    Day 1 — Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping

    At this workshop you'll create an interactive prototype of your own portfolio website using Figma, which you'll then preview and test on your mobile phone. Show moreShow less

    • structuring content
      emphasising the importance of starting design with content (not chrome), which is most relevant to users
    • creating layout in Figma app
      to visualise concepts bearing in mind different device form factors, including designing responsive UI for mobile
    • embedding fonts, icons and graphics
      to prepare all the assets for prototyping stage and handover to developers
    • prototyping interactions
      creating interactive rapid prototype (no code behind) to be used in-browser as well as real device, optimising for touch
    • testing on a real device
      sharing, testing and giving feedback on a working rapid prototype on your mobile phones
    • review of UI design tools
      overview of the most commonly used apps used by User Interface designers on the market
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    What's included

    💬 Live video & real-time interaction
    💻 Hands-on exercises
    individual & group
    📑 Handouts & slides
    for you to download
    🎙️ Q&A session
    with experienced designer
    📖 Books & tools recommendations
    ✋🏽 One-to-one mentoring
    (with selected ticket option)

    Our 3000+ students come from different backgrounds and countries

    Complete beginners, graphic / UX / UI designers, developers, PMs, BAs, marketers. From big companies and startups to independent freelancers  👉🏼 read student reviews

    Our venue is just 5 minutes from central London

    Our courses are run at Canada Water Library in London SE16 7AR. It's right outside Canada Water tube station, 5 minutes by tube from London Bridge.

    How we compare to other institutions

    Choosing between UX design courses at The School of UX and General Assembly, Udemy or university degrees? Any education is great. It’s up to you to pick the right one for you:

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