Conversational UI: Designing a Chatbot course

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£159 + VAT

What's on

If you’re wondering how all the hype about artificial intelligence and chatbots translates into its practical application, this bitesized and affordable weekend course will show you how to design, build and train a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  • introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • design, build and train a voice command/speech-enabled chatbot
  • connect your chatbot to your website, Skype, Facebook Messenger and other channels
  • design tools and frameworks
  • book recommendations
  • live QnA

Some elements of the course will delve into coding using languages such as HTML and PHP. You'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to design your own chatbot and understanding how AI can help improve User Experience.

    Who runs it

    The School of UX speaker Onwah Tsang

    This course is run by Onwah Tsang, a specialist in technology strategy and delivery. He has led teams at LexisNexis, BBC and the Home Office to build tomorrow’s technology products.

    What's included

    Live video & real-time interaction when remote
    Hands-on exercises
    individual & group
    Signed certificate
    upon completion
    Handouts & slides
    printed & digital
    Q&A session
    with experienced designer
    Books & tools recommendations
    Career advice
    portfolio & job tips
    One-to-one mentoring
    (bookable separately)

    Our 3000+ students come from different backgrounds and countries

    Complete beginners, graphic / UX / UI designers, developers, PMs, BAs, marketers. From big companies and startups to independent freelancers – read student reviews

    Our venue is just 5 minutes from central London

    Our courses are run at Canada Water Library in London SE16 7AR. It's right outside Canada Water tube station, 5 minutes by tube from London Bridge.

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