Persuasive UX Design: How to Improve Conversion

19 August 2019, 13:00–18:00
London SE16 7AR
~15 students

Who runs it

The School of UX speaker Paul Boag

A legendary User Experience Designer, author and expert in digital transformation Paul Boag. He helps organisations as diverse as the BBC, European Commission and Nestle, adapt to the new digital world. He is also a director of Smashing Magazine and a digital agency Headscape.

What's on

This workshop will teach you the secrets of persuasive design with 50% theory and 50% practice. Every website seeks to encourage visitors to do something, whether it is placing an order, make a donation or signup to a mailing list. But how do you do that without alienating users? After all, we now live in a world where one disgruntled customer can destroy a brand.

  • Signed certificate upon completion
  • Handouts & slides printed & digital
  • Live QnA with a professional
  • Books & tools recommendations
  • Hands-on exercises: individual & group
  • Tea, coffee, fruit and sweet treats

What You'll Learn

The course will show you how simple techniques can make your design more persuasive and more effective. Understanding why people behave as they do and what influences decisions will transform your site. It will lead to higher conversion rates, greater return on investment and happier customers. In this workshop you will: Show moreShow less

  • master the foundations of conversion optimisation
  • understand the psychology of decision making
  • discover how to reduce cognitive load and why that matters
  • learn how to persuade people without alienating them
  • create compelling calls to action
  • practice with hands-on exercises
  • have opportunity for live QnA with the tutor

Our students come from different backgrounds

This course is for those who are responsible for improving the conversion rates of websites. It is for anybody who seeks to better understand their customers and how design choices impact our decision making: UX designers, marketers, product managers and startup owners. Over 2000 students from different backgrounds and companies attended our courses. Logos of the companies our students have come from

Our tutors are experienced designers

Our tutors are professional UX & UI Designers with 15+ years of experience working with FTSE 100 companies. We brought affordable UX education to 2000+ people since 2016 through mentoring, courses and conferences:

Our venue is just 5 minutes from central London

Our courses are run at Canada Water Library in London SE16 7AR. It's right outside Canada Water tube station, 5 minutes by tube from London Bridge.